5-Fluoro SDB-005

Name5-Fluoro SDB-005
Formal Namenaphthalen-1-yl 1-(5-fluoropentyl)-1H-indazole-3-carboxylate
InChI CodenChI=1S/C23H21FN2O2/c24-15-6-1-7-16-26-20-13-5-4-12-19(20)22(25-26)23(27)28-21-14-8-10-17-9-2-3-11-18(17)21/h2-5,8-14H,1,6-7,15-16H2
Description5-fluoro-SDB-005 is a synthetic cannabinoid similar in structure to THJ-2201, the difference being the replacement of the aryl naphthyl group with a naphthyl ester at the 3 position of the indazole. Biological and toxicological data have not been reported for this compound. It has been observed in our lab that cannabinoids possessing an aromatic ester will slowly degrade when stored in alcohol solvents at room temperature (via transesterification). Acetonitrile or other aprotic solvents are recommended to be used with this structural class of compounds. *It should be noted that the nomenclature of SDB-005 is variable from scholarly publications to commercial and illicit drug websites. Banister et al. categorizes SDB-005 as an analogue of SDB-006, an n-alkylindole with an amide linking the 3 position to a benzyl group.1 The difference between the two being a benzyl versus a phenyl substituent proximal to the amide linker. However, the structure provided is the common structure listed on illicit drug vendor websites.


Submitted ByCayman Chemical
Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation Laboratory, London, Ohio
ContactPaul D. Kennedy, PhD. at Cayman Chemical
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