PB-22 & 5-Fluoro-PB-22

NamePB-22 & 5-Fluoro-PB-22
SubmitterPaul D. Kennedy, PhD.
OrganizationCayman Chemical
Product DetailsLink
Formal Name1-​pentyl-​8-​quinolinyl ester-​1H-​indole-​3-​carboxylic acid
InChI CodeInChI=1S/C23H22N2O2/c1-2-3-6-15-25-16-19(18-11-4-5-12-20(18)25)23(26)27-21-13-7-9-17-10-8-14-24-22(17)21/h4-5,7-14,16H,2-3,6,15H2,1H3

PB‐22 and 5‐fluoro‐PB‐22 are novel synthetic cannabinoids recently detected in Japanese herbal blends.1 No previous literature exists on the use of these compounds as cannabimimetics and their origin is unknown. Structurally, PB‐22 and 5F‐PB‐22 are similar to JWH‐018 and AM2201 respectively, two of the most common first and second generation abused synthetic cannabinoids. Both contain an N‐alkylindole moiety however the napthylacyl group has been replaced by a quinolinyl ester. Biological and toxicological data has not been reported for these compounds. It has been observed in our lab that these compounds will slowly degrade when stored in alcohol solvents at room temperature (via transesterification). Acetonitrile or other aprotic solvents are recommended to be used with this structural class of compounds.

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